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Workshop with the SchackArt Center's Art Alternatives program

🌟 Exciting News: Salvage Arts Joins Forces with SchackArt Center's Art Alternatives Program! 🛹

We're thrilled to announce that Salvage Arts is participating in a remarkable three-week workshop with the SchackArt Center's Art Alternatives program. What makes this collaboration truly special? We'll be embarking on a repurposed skateboard art project alongside some incredible individuals with disabilities.

🛹 The Repurposed Skateboard Art Project:

In the spirit of our commitment to recycling and repurposing, we're teaming up with Art Alternatives to transform discarded skateboards into stunning works of art. Over the course of three weeks, we'll be working closely with participants who bring their unique creativity to the table.

🎨 Why This Matters:

This collaboration is more than just an art project; it's an opportunity to foster creativity, inclusivity, and empowerment. By working hand in hand with individuals facing various challenges, we aim to demonstrate that art knows no bounds. Everyone has a creative spark waiting to be ignited, and we're here to fan the flames.


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